And now for something completely different.

Two weeks ago, I heard the Mike + the Mechanics song “Silent Running” on the radio. I’d always liked its unnerving atmosphere, but couldn’t really put together why. That is, until I read the history behind the song on Wikipedia:

According to Rutherford, the song is about a guy who’s traveled light-years away, out in space somewhere, and he’s ahead in time. Therefore he knows what’s going to happen to his wife and kids back home, on Earth. And he’s trying to get the message to them to say what’s going to happen, the kind of anarchy, the breakdown of society, to tell them to be prepared.

A cool, spooky ’80s song with a time travel element?! SOLD.

Naturally, I wanted to illustrate such an intriguing story. I tweaked it a bit to suit a narrative, but I think it turned out all right. This comic is twice as long as anything else I’ve done so far (as you probably gathered by now, scrollycakes), as well as one of the only concentrated sci-fi things I’ve ever produced. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.