What a boot to October’s cobbles! Yes, I’m mighty interested in the ways the spirit world has (purportedly) attempted to contact us. As mentioned, I’ve gone ghost hunting along Archer Avenue in Chicago, the Eldred House in Eldred, IL, and all over Decatur, IL. My most bizarre EVP was this one from Salem Cemetery in Decatur, taken October 12, 2011, as I was heading towards (getting into?) the car to leave. Gotta say, it’s pretty dang creepy. (Hopefully it’s obvious that that is definitely not me.) And to think I would have forgotten about it if my sister hadn’t reminded me, hahahhahahah THANKS A LOT, KIM

EVPs come up against a huge bulkhead of skepticism, and I can’t really say boo to that. David Ellis — who was the same guy who forced Raudive to abandon his normal setup and try one where radio broadcasts couldn’t interfere, garnering zero results — related an experiment where people were told to transcribe a poorly-recorded lecture. They dutifully complied, making out phrases and whole sentences…despite the fact that the tape held naught but white noise. In another instance, the keeper of Raudive’s old tapes swore they contained masterful evidence, but was sorely mistaken when played back decades later.

Pareidolia and apophenia go a long way to explain much of what we hear on recorders and on videos. Sure, we hear what we want to hear more occasions than not. Still, I’ve heard too much to think it’s all made up. And lest you think phantom phone calls are total horseshit, read this heartwrenching story that even Snopes greenlit.

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