Bound by Sound is the culmination of a life lived in thrall to music. The name itself comes from a song by the criminally underrated Skopic, aka Max Braverman. From IDM to classical to glam rock to industrial, from vocoders to synthesizers to Les Pauls, from cartoons to operas to soundtracks…they all have a place here. Singing and dancing are always encouraged, but not always together. (I’m allergic to showtunes.)

Get to know me!

Who am I? I’m Shannon. (hi!) I’m an illustrator and graphic designer living in Chicago with a severely antisocial, yet thoroughly lovable cat. I used to do a webcomic called Wighthouse; that lasted about 2 1/2 years, until real life interfered to the point of (semi-)permanent hiatus.
I Tumbl a lot of my drawings;
I Instagram the city (and myself);
I goof around on Twitter a lot (like, a lot a lot),
and I even do Vines sometimes.
I also have an Etsy shop selling cross-stitch patterns I’ve made.

Likes: singing; knitting; MST3k; spooky stuff; black cherry soda.
Dislikes: insincerity; full, unpruned beards; peaches.

(Banner image a remix of “Keep the Customer Satisfied” by Simon & Garfunkel, © Paul Simon.)