this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
this is the way the world ends
not with a bang but with jazz hands

My mother warned me about Andrew Lloyd Webber. She made fun of his musicals with great zest, reserving the bulk of her scorn for “Cats.” All that time, though, I’d never actually seen the damn thing. So in order do this strip up proper, I had to perform my due diligence and watch the 1998 movie version.


cats - notes

My notes. I may have been drinking

It’s not that the “Old Possum” poems are bad. They were for kids; that’s hardly a crime. I’m not sure what’s worse, though…Webber setting as-is to his banal music, or Nunn mangling “straight” TSE verses to make “Memory.” Both leave me empty inside. My sanity is saved only by a verse at the very end of “Cats: the Book of the Musical,” a verse I couldn’t find in “Old Possum”:

Pollicle dogs and cats all must
Jellicle cats and dogs all must
Like undertakers, come to dust.

Now THAT’S the TS Eliot I know! 😀

PS – Concerning that last bit:

rtt rap
the man must be stopped