(Psst, about that ornament: there’s still one up for sale at my Etsy store. It doesn’t have to be just for Christmas! Use your imagination! Live a little)


I truly think ELO is vastly underrated. Many people only know the singles, which I mostly eschew — they’re just not as interesting as the rest of their stuff, and I haven’t even heard all of it, nor the ELO Part 2/Jeff Lynne’s ELO spinoffs. (That’s a mess I decided not to get into.) I’d also like to touch upon Jeff’s obsession with America, thinking we’re King Shit of Cowboy Mountain. Yet he wrote the most British song ever Britainned in “The Diary of Horace Wimp,” from the Discovery album. It’s like he crammed all his English heritage into one 4:17 song. Also, Jeff Lynne without those hideous glasses? Not that bad.

I’m curious about reaction to this strip. From what I know of ELO fans, we are a small, but loyal, contingent. If you’re going to PAX South next weekend, there will be an ELO meetup thingy (organized by none other than Kris Straub, cameoed above) at On the Rocks Pub on Friday night at 8:30 pm. Even if you’re just in San Antonio, come on by! I’m super excited about hearing how other people disseminate their music and what it means to them.