Who’s hungry?

I’m guessing this needs a little background. Tool’s 1996 breakthrough album Ænima yielded a mess of fantastic songs, including “Stinkfist,” “Eulogy” and “Hooker with a Penis.” (Hey, I don’t name ’em.) The most curious was a song called “Die Eier von Satan.” Delivered in passionate German and backed by hard industrial clangs, it’s apt to scare the pants off all but the death metalest of listeners. That is, until you find out the lyrics aren’t a eugenics diatribe, but…a cookie recipe. Yup, throw some flour and powdered sugar together, add some Turkish hash, say some nonsense words, and voilà: The Balls (Eggs) of Satan. Kids, don’t try this at home. (Seriously, don’t: the egglessness makes ’em sound downright lousy.)