And if you don’t like video games, tough shit, I guess! 😀 I’ll be back to my usual dreck soon enough. That said, how can you resist this joy:

skelly dancing 2

Mesmerizing, isn’t it

I had another comic all lined up to do, but because I’m obsessed with this damn game (as evidenced by these relevant Tumblr posts), and it’s heavily music-related, I changed course and went with this instead. Seriously, it’s so far up my alley I’m coughing up garbage.

All game credit, and a heavy borrowance of sprites and splash graphics, absolutely goes to Ryan Clark and Brace Yourself Games, publisher of CotND. And of course, there’s Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac, and Anthony Saves the World, starring Mikey Neumann and Anthony Burch, currently and formerly of Gearbox Software. If you’re interested in the soundtrack, you can get it on Steam or Danny B’s Bandcamp (where you can also preview the tracks).